The same way "Visiting Angels"® or "Comfort Keepers"® care for the humans in a home, Paw Prints is the at-home personal care provider for your pet.

Paw Prints Pet Retreat is the Personal Care Provider for your pet with affordable luxury and uncompromised care. PAW PRINTS offers customized dog walking, pet sitting, targeted spa services, and Healing Touch for Animals®, right here in Twinsburg and Solon, Ohio.

Instead of getting larger and expanding, PAW PRINTS has chosen to refine its services and redirect its resources, experience, professionalism, and personal care to a Home-Care model.

The Paw Prints Pet Retreat At-Home Services allows YOU to set the terms for service. You decide which services YOU want at the times and dates and frequency that best suit YOUR needs. Whether it's in-home visits, brief potty breaks, long walks around the neighborhood, extended off-site adventures, or targeted grooming services and baths, Paw Prints is at your door and at your service.

Paw Prints no longer offers full grooms, but does offer trademarked bath and targeted grooming services. THE "N.E.A.T." Bath™ for dogs and "Connie's Float the Coat"™ bath process for cats are so unique, they have been trademarked to protect the integrity of the services. No one can use the names and mis-use the processes.

If your pet has been adopted, I have a technique that makes the transition to their forever home easlier and trauma-free. If your pet needs anything from behavior modification, to weight loss, to geriatric care, to trauma release, to a competitive edge, then a Healing Touch for Animals® therapy session would be a perfect addition to your pet's normal regimen.

Call or email to secure your place in the pack. Paw Prints will maintain a manageable circle of care to provide the affordable luxury and uncompromised care as promised. Reservations are Limited.


Even the most ornery and persnickety of felines enjoys "Connie's Float the Coat"™ bathing process. I've had cats literally fall asleep during the process, they've been so relaxed. No cages! No spray valves! No chains! No tethers!


Robin Elattrache, Owner and Founder of Paw Prints Pet Retreat, began 28 years ago with DekesDen Retrievers, while living in San Fransisco, CA in 1987.

After a move to Nashville, TN in 1989, DekesDan entered the world of the North American Retriever Field Trial Association and Robin was privileged to train with and glean from the country's elite trainers, breeders and competitors. From that experience, Robin and her then husband, became respected national breeders and successful amature field trial competitors and trainers.

Taking 20 years of experience, Paw Prints Pet Retreat was created outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2009. The added skill sets and modalities of becoming a licensed pet care provider, groomer, and Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner allows Robin to serve her clients with a wide variety of services vis-a-vis obedience and field training. Paw Prints has enjoyed wonderful successes and has gained loyal clients over the years in Pennsylvania and many of those cherished clients have maintained their relationship even now that Paw Prints calls Twinsburg, Ohio home.

The journey across the country, gaining experience, training and friends along the way has brought Paw Prints to Northeast Ohio where it will continue its passionate advancement of pet wholeness and wellness while enhancing the bond between pets and their people.