Phone: 412-445-7644
Service Area: Twinsburg & Solon, Ohio

Services Overview:
- Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
- Targeted Grooming
- Behavior Modification
- Weight Management
- Allergy Remedies
- And More!

Paw Prints Pet Retreat At-Home Services

Customizable Targeted Dog Grooming

Paw Prints Pet Retreat features top of the line grooming techniques and practices. Basic shampoos include tearless, whitening, hypo-allergenic, coconut, cherry-almond, peaches and cream, and luster.

  • Bath, Brush, Blow Dry: $25 - $50
  • Shampoo, ear cleaning, blow dry, comb out*

  • NEAT™ Bath: $35 - $75 OUR MOST POPULAR!
  • Shampoo, Nails, Ear cleaning, Anal glands, Teeth brushing, blow dry, comb out*

  • Sanitary Area Cleanup: $5 - $35
  • Included in the NEAT Bath

  • Nail Clip: $10
  • Tipped with hand clippers

  • Nail Clip with Dremmel: $20
  • Tipped with hand clippers and rounded with Dremmel (included in the NEAT™ Bath)

  • Teeth Polishing: $10

  • Tartar Removal: $15 - $40

  • Ear Cleaning: $5

  • Ear Treatments: $10 - $25

  • Anal Glad Expression: $10

  • *Excessive mat removal, brushing of heavy undercoats: $15/quarter hour

  • *Unruly behavior, degree of difficulty, re-soiling fee: $15 surcharge

Cat Grooming Services

  • Connie's "Float the Coat"™: $35
  • Cats soak in a small basin while warm water is ladled over the coat using several shampooing processes and a final oil rinse. Cats are not put into cages with blowers, but are blow dried by hand with continuous combing until smooth and dry. Nail trim included.

  • Groom: $50
  • Float the Coat™ + nails, ears, and sanitary area.

Healing Touch for Animals®

Healing Touch for Animals® is a highly effective energy-medicine therapy that is recognized by the National Institute of Health and internationally. Through assessment and energy techniques, Healing Touch for Animals causes a system of reactions inside the body which builds upon itself to maintain or restore a healthy immune system which promotes healing of various types, namely physical, emotional and behavioral.

Healing Touch for Animals® is used for stress management, abandonment issues, emotional trauma and recovery from abuse; enhances acceptance of training concepts and focus for competition; helps in end of life preparation and during euthanasia, prepares the body for and helps the healing process after surgery; is used as preventative health care and supports veterinary care. Visit to learn more.

  • Bundled Therapy: $75
  • Includes one initial assessment & therapy plan, one 60 minute subsequent therapy session, and one essential oil.

  • Individual Sessions:
  • $60 Initial Assessment & Therapy Plan
  • $45 Healing Touch for Animals Session (up to one hour)
  • $25 Essential Oil Massage Therapy, includes one essential oil (30 minutes)
  • $5 Each additional essential oil application

Every owner will be taught a technique to "hold" the energy between sessions which is also used as a bonding mechanism between you and your pet that you can use forever.

The BEST results are done in the pet's own home. There I can assess the space and get a better idea of what in the daily routine may be affecting the energy system to shut down, become blocked or stressed.